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Image of Organic Hair Oil
£15.00 - £25.00

Organic Hair Oil

This invigorating blend is infused with:

• Jojoba oil for a healthy glow & smooth texture
• Castor oil to strengthen your roots
• Sweet almond oil to prevent hair breakage
• Coconut oil to improve your scalps overall condition
• Lavender essential oil providing the delicious fresh scent
• Tea tree essential oil for anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties
• Rosemary essential oil for it's sleep-aiding scent
• Hibiscus flower prevents premature grazing & conditions against frizz and dryness
• Fenugreek (methi) seeds used to treat hair thinning and kill bacteria on the scalp

All you have to do is invest in the oil, and let it do it's magic!

P.S: the hair oil is unisex!

• More info about our blend on our instagram page!