"Can I just start off by saying you’ve got an amazing product. Most oils that I’ve used have like smelt good and softened my beard hair for like a few hours at most however it then just dries up. But this oil like Im not sure how it’s not greasy or anything but my beard actually remains so soft for the whole day. I’ve literally only used it for 4 nights and I leave it on over night and wake up to my beard honestly feeling really healthy. Will definitely be a regular customer." - H.C

 "Hello. I’ve been using the hair oil for around 2 weeks now and I’ve noticed reduced hair fall. I’ve struggled with hair fall for many years & I can finally say this is actually helping. The smell is also really relaxing for overnight treatment. Definitely a repeating customer, thanks!" - S.L

 "Hey! so ive used it a couple times so far. i have been enjoying it a lot though. i applied a little to the ends after washing to add extra shine and it was lush. not too heavy on the hair and smells amazing! excited to keep using it" - H.J 

"Just wanted to let you know I’ve been using the beard oil for a week and I’m absolutely loving it. The texture is not greasy at all so I love going to the gym with it on without worrying about an oily look. I can also see some differences it’s making to the patchiness of my beard. Definitely worth the purchase, thank you so much." - C.M

 "I’m loving the smell, I’ve been using it everyday for the past 10 days it’s giving me a better finish to a beard and it’s making my skin feel a lot more smoother" - S.C

 "Im loving the hair oil so far it isn’t too greasy which is amazing, deffo noticed reduced hair fall out and my ends look healthier than before. and the smell is so good I love it" - S.H